Isaac J. Lee

About Me

Ember & React developer looking to grow into team lead position.

Driven to write simple, lasting code and use the latest web technologies.

Pro in continuous learning + communication + collaboration.

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My unique background in Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics helps me apply new ideas and skills fast (4 - 15X).

devices Frontend

  • Ember
  • D3
  • React
  • Redux
  • Bootstrap
  • Materialize
  • Sass

code Backend

  • Node
  • Express
  • AWS S3
  • Google APIs
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase

library_add Extras

  • Matlab
  • Python (basic)
  • Git
  • Heroku
  • LaTeX
  • Markdown
  • QUnit

people Moreover

  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Teaching
  • Team Building




With Mai, you can share photos like Facebook and Instagram. Mai takes one step further by writing stories for you.

Roles: Lead Developer, Scrum Master (team of 5)

Materialize ES7 jQuery Handlebars React Redux Node Express MySQL Sequelize bcrypt JWT Dropzone Amazon RDS Amazon S3 Google Cloud Natural Language Google Cloud Vision


For places to eat, to play, and to drink in Austin, choose LocALL. We give you the best recommendations in an instant!

Roles: Lead Developer, Scrum Master (team of 4)

Bootstrap CSS Grid ES7 jQuery ETL Firebase Google Maps Google Places Probability Spherical Geometry
UT Coding Boot Camp
UT Coding Boot Camp

UT Coding Boot Camp

Completed all exercises, homework, and projects on time. Simultaneously worked on freeCodeCamp, JavaScript 30, What The Flexbox, and Learn Redux.

Roles: Full Stack Developer

Bootstrap Flexbox Materialize ES7 jQuery React Redux Node Express PHP MongoDB Mongoose MySQL Sequelize API Authentication Cookies Firebase Web Scraping
Central Austin Toastmasters
Central Austin

Central Austin Toastmasters

Brand new site that helped my club find 27 new members and reach top 5% in 1 year. No other club provides a feature-rich, mobile-friendly website.

Roles: Project Lead, Webmaster, Content Writer (team of 10)

Wix Google Sheets ES7 Data Science Google Analytics

A technical blog that I write for a non-technical audience worldwide. Explore math and computer science with me today!

Roles: Technical Writer

Matlab Python R Braille Compressive Sensing Cryptography Data Science Machine Learning Many-Worlds Interpretation Monte Carlo Simulation Number Theory Numerical Linear Algebra Recommendation System
Isogeometric Analysis

Isogeometric Analysis

Finite Element Analysis library that helped me test phase field models for fracture. Supports B-splines, NURBS, hpk-refinement, time marching, and visualization.

Roles: Sole Developer

Matlab Isogeometric Analysis Nonlinear Optimization Phase Field
Solving Nonograms with Compressive Sensing


Developed a new way to solve nonograms using compressive sensing.

Roles: Lead Developer (team of 2)

Matlab Compressive Sensing Convex Optimization
Tutor Scheduler
Tutor Scheduler

Tutor Scheduler

Helped Student Support Services assign tutors to students.

Roles: Lead Developer (team of 3)

jQuery Java PHP MySQL Binary Integer Programming


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